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2017 Conference Agenda
Transmission Line Section
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Presiding:  Chairman, Danny Williams, Supervisor – Southern Company Services Transmission
7:00 AM Group Breakfast sponsored by Sargent & Lundy
8:00 AM Welcome, Introductions, and Safety Moment
8:10 AM The Hairpin Project 
It is a rare combination to have a 50-year-old temporary line with unidentified operations in the middle of a major metropolitan load center on minimal right of way connected to new generation. You may not have these challenges on a given project but come see how Georgia Power tackled these on the Hairpin Project. 
Wade Craighead, Sr. Engineer, Transmission Maintenance and Reliability – Georgia Power
8:40 AM             Foundation Selection
Ever wonder how Entergy and Southern Company decide which transmission foundations to use and why? Due to construction costs, site access, materials coordination, and structural loading the foundation selection process can be difficult and costly. This presentation will provide a general overview of the foundation selection process and how it could affect the cost and timeframe of a project.
Joe Godwin, T-Line Design and Maintenance Support – Southern Company Services Transmission
Jessica Dufrene, Supervisor, Transmission Lines – Entergy
9:05 AM Bland Area Improvements Tower Development and Testing
AEP has been working to rebuild its aging infrastructure by rebuilding its century old 88kV lines in AEP’s Appalachian service area with reliable 138kV facilities. Due to the mountainous terrain and required loading criteria, AEP developed latticed towers to effectively traverse the Appalachian mountains.
Aaron Darby and Kelly Bledsoe, Engineer, Transmission Line Standards Engineering – American Electric Power
9:30 AM Beverage Break sponsored by UtiliCon Solutions, Ltd.
9:45 AM 500 kV Rebuild Project 
With the aging of the company’s original 500kV loop, and the towers constructed out of Weathering Steel; Dominion Energy sought to maintain our exceptional reliability, while improving our load capacity by rebuilding the 500kV system with complete tower replacements.
Furmose Gomez, Transmission Line Engineer – Dominion Energy
10:10 AM Wireless Attachments on Transmission Structures
Are wireless communication sites on your transmission structures becoming more and more of a headache for you and your team? LGE/KU reviews 20 challenging years of changes in regulations, system loading and constantly changing mobile technologies. Structural upgrades, outage constraints and stress on your construction resources are just a few of the matters that LGE/KU has experienced and improved on over the years. This presentation will discuss LGE/KU's history of Co-locations, lessons learned and their approach to working with mobile carriers to improve this relationship.
Troy Bess, Team Leader – LGE-KU
10:35 AM Parallel Pipe on Transmission Line Right-of-Way
Is your company considering building a transmission line next to a pipeline? Are you familiar with AC interference and mitigation methods? The expense and difficulty of permitting and Right-of-Way acquisition is driving more Transmission Lines and pipelines into common Rights-of-Way. We will discuss Transmission Line design considerations and corrosion mitigation for the pipelines.
Steve Hartley, Cathodic Protection Consultant – Southern Company Services
Katie Shaddix – Transmission Lines Services – Alabama Power
Diego Ortiz, Engineer – Entergy
11:00 AM Utility Wildfire Risk Assessment 
Prioritize your capital spending and O&M efforts by completing a comprehensive assessment of your transmission systems for wildfire risk. Learn how to create a system with long-term resilience using a risk visualization tool to support the decision making necessary for strategic and cost-effective plans that minimize wildfire-related service failures.
Ben McKinsey, Transmission Team Lead/Project Manager – HDR
11:30 AM Luncheon Buffet inside Tradeshow  sponsored by Cargill Industrial Specialties
1:30 PM Foundation Repair in the Marsh
Entergy’s Barataria – Alliance 115kV Transmission line is located in Southeast Louisiana coastal wetlands. The line consists of 92 Y-lattice towers on micro pile foundations, 43 of which were found to have severely deteriorated foundations and the remaining structures had lower levels of corrosion. This presentation will discuss how Entergy evaluated the options of replacing the structures vs. repairing the foundations, and the decision made.
Jessica Dufrene, Supervisor, Transmission Lines – Entergy
1:55 PM Outages…for the Birds 
Bird related outages are sometimes difficult to predict and happen when we least expect it. Given the height of transmission structures, various birds perch, nest, and roost on transmission structures, causing many different issues. This presentation doesn’t have all the answers to your bird needs, but will cover some of the issues and mitigation strategies that have been employed by Duke Energy.
Dave Keener, Engineer III – Duke Energy
2:20 PM             Human Performance 
Human Performance: An Event Learning Process that focuses on “How” an event occurred rather than “Why” it occurred. The focus shifts attention more to the process and less on the personnel. Southern Company believes that the key to prevention is organizational learning. Due to a recent lattice tower arm failure during construction activities, utilizing the Event Learning Process offered an opportunity for better communication and employee training development.
Joe Godwin, T-Line Design and Maintenance Support – Southern Company Services Transmission
Pat Samya, Foreman – Alabama Power Transmission Line Construction  
2:45 PM Refreshment Break sponsored by PLH Group
3:00 PM S.E.E. 2017 Industry Excellence Award Winner ~ Transmission Line Category
James River Crossing Foundation Upgrade Project
After inspecting the foundations at 18 transmission tower locations crossing the James River, Dominion Energy embarked on a two-year project to replace corroded portions of the H-piles without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the foundations. Dominion Energy engineered and installed innovative corrosion protection systems on the foundations that will ensure the long-term reliability of this transmission line for the Virginia Peninsula.
Bob Smith, Consulting Engineer – Dominion Energy
3:30 PM 69 kV Ocean City Line Rebuild Project   
Are you planning to install transmission lines under a major body of water? The completion of the 69 kV Ocean City Rebuild project depended upon overcoming many design, construction, and location-specific challenges. This presentation discusses the challenges faced and lessons learned from rebuilding the main power supply to a major tourist island.  
Mousa Hejazi, P.E., Manager Engineering, Transmission Engineering – Pepco Holdings
Afshin Avvali, P.E., Senior Engineer, Transmission Engineering – Pepco Holdings 
3:55 PM Dominion’s Path to Electric Transmission GIS 
The old adage that “everything is somewhere” may be familiar to GIS professionals.  But do we really need to know where everything is in the electric transmission business?  We use PLS-Cadd, isn’t that good enough?  What about our existing asset management system(s), can they stay operational or does GIS replace them?  Here is an overview of Dominion’s journey into the ET GIS world and a forward look at the 3D version.
Daniel Knopp, Consulting Engineer – Dominion Energy
4:20 PM Closing Remarks
4:30 PM Adjourn
Friday, June 30, 2017
Presiding:  Incoming Chairman, Katie Shaddix, Senior Transmission Line Engineer – Alabama Power 
7:00 AM Group Breakfast
8:00 AM Call to Order and Safety Moment
8:10 AM Roundtable  (Closed Session – Utility Personnel Only)
9:30 AM Refreshment Break 
9:45 AM Roundtable (continued)  (Closed Session – Utility Personnel Only)
11:00 AM Adjourn

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